CMP Series 45-60A MPPT Solar Controller


12V/24V/36V/48V auto
Aluminum frame, can be used in all kinds of harsh environment
Dual wave or multiple peaks tracking technology ,when the panels are shadows shade or part of thepanels are damaged ,I-V curve will appear multiple wave ,controller still can accurately track the maximum power point
The use of advanced digital power technology ,Circuit energy conversion efficiency is as high as 98%
Multiphase control technology ,with automatic current-limiting charging mode ,reducing the ripple ,Improving the system efficiency
High speed high performance dual processor architecture ,improve the response speed of the system ,optimize the performance of the system
RS – 232, the RS485 communication way to maximize meet the needs of different occasions
Support for data storage ,Storage time for 5 year
Four stages of optimizing charging control:MPPT-Equalizing charge -Improve charging-Floating charge
Protection:over heat,over charging,Input/output reverse connection ,short circuit ,TVS lightning protection