CPS Series Intelligent MPPT Hybrid Solar Inverter


Professional solution for Off-Grid solar system
Auto switch 4 FUN: DC to AC , AC bypass, AC charger and UPS
Real MPPT solar charge controller. MAX PV volt 150VDC. MAX PV power 4680W
DIP Switches : Low Battery, AC Input Range , Power Saver, Solar/Utility AC Priority
Efficient up 3~5% than traditional power frequency inverter
Visualized and detailed info of solar charging and inverting
RJ45 Remote control and RS232 network communication interface (optional)
Excellent load capacity: MAX 3*rated power
Pure sine wave output ,input & output fully isolation
Supply power via hybrid power (grid power or diesel) compatibly
Built-in relay and AC/DC breaker
Advanced microprocessor control
Input polarity/UVP/OVP/OSP/OLP/OTP
Attractive appearance with V0 Fire-protection rated plastic materials